Structured cabling
The values and demands of installing a cabling infrastructure, with a typical life expectancy of fifteen years or more will result in much careful planning, quality implementation and standards of conformity which are crucial to the investment. A structured cabling solution will provide the customer with the flexibility to connect to voice and data throughout the site. General installation practice is to flood wire the premises, with either fibre or copper cable, incorporating expansion for future growth.

  • Copper cabling
  • CAT5
  • CAT5E
  • CAT6
  • UTP
  • STP
  • FTP

Broadstarr will design the most appropriate structured cabling infrastructure to cohere with your technical requirements and demands placed upon the network and premises.

Fibre optic systems
Fibre optic cabling offers a far greater bandwidth than that of copper. It is typically required and used for backbone connections between localised networking equipment. Although fibre optic cabling may not be the solution for all desktop needs due to the higher costs involved than that of copper cabling, it does offer a high security link for those environments which demand it.

Fibre optic cabling is the definite solution for inter building links and other connections beyond the maximum 90 metres that can not be implemented with Category 5 copper cabling.

Broadstarr can provide you with specialist expertise and equipment for the design and installation of your fibre optic links be it a simple inter-building link or a complete campus network.

Video conferencing
We appreciate a travelling salesman may soon be a thing of the past, today more and more organisations operate from various locations - nationwide or global - requiring the capability to network their communications efficiently as well as reducing costs. Broadstarr offer a comprehensive range of video conferencing and desk top multi media systems.

Voice networks
Today more than ever businesses are using IT and telecommunications to gain a competitive advantage in the market place, this is achieved today by offering the latest structured cabling system to integrate voice and data over a single medium. The voice services are introduced to the structured cabling system via voice tie cables between the BT/PABX MDF (main distribution frame) and the structured cabling patch fields. The conversion from RJ45 to BT LJU at the user end, in order to use the telephone, is connected with a balun. Generic voice cabling is still widely used in the market place. This system is provided by using, multi pair cables connected from the MDF to local distribution points (D.P.'S). The individual user outlets are then installed in the designated work area and cabled back to the local D.P. where it is terminated. Although this is a low cost solution for your voice network this grade cabling does not offer the flexibility to be used as an infrastructure for data communications.

Wireless networks
Today's modern networks rely heavily upon fixed cabling links in order to communicate, this however, is not always a practical solution in the environment networks need to operate. Alternative solutions for inter-building links normally require expensive telephone lines or only offer limited bandwidth. Today's business premises increasingly demand access to communications wherever their users’ are located. Broadstarr specialise in the design and installation of high bandwidth wireless networks to provide solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.