Welcome to Broadstarr networks.

Broadstarr networks is an enterprising company now trading for over ten years, since its formation in 1997. Having first teamed up with a small number of engineers working together around the United Kingdom, they have built up a reputation and team spirit envied by many others. This team spirit and enthusiasm has created what is now known as Broadstarr networks. ...they have built up a reputation and team spirit envied by many others...With experience in electronics, computing, telecommunications (voice and data) and electrical installation, the team are now gaining a reputation far ahead of its business and have already gained press coverage in national industrial newspapers. A Bristol based company they are now looking to expand their business throughout the United Kingdom. The company is able to offer country wide services, with installation personnel placed all over the United Kingdom. Key members in the company have in the past assisted in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of some of the worlds largest private networks, helping to ensure the countries growth and security, providing a complimentary team which has a clear understanding of the operational problems, deadlines and financial constraints which contribute to todays business world.